Heise® Introduces New Municipality Safety Light Products and Accessories at CES

Dec 27, 2019

Holly Hill, FL –  The Municipality Lighting Series from Heise® by Metra Electronics® will introduce a wide range of new automotive lighting solutions for government and commercial heavy equipment vehicles at CES. These 12 and 24 volt solutions are designed for larger fleets such as garbage trucks, snowplows, tow trucks, emergency vehicles, construction trucks and more. “Many 12volt installers are expanding services to include upfitting commercial fleets and Heise’s new Municipality Series provides them with a reliable source for long-lasting and durable safety LED lighting products,” says Jason Anderson, VP of Product Development at Metra Electronics. These new lights and accessories will be available soon and on display at CES booth 5211 with Metra Electronics.


Interior Flashing Lightbars

Heise’s two new interior lightbars mount inside of a commercial vehicle and have a combination of white and amber LEDs with 16 different alternative flash patterns. Each lightbar comes complete with brackets, hardware and a 10-foot cable. The HE-MULB-WA is a 38.2” rear window lightbar with 32 LEDs designed for higher voltage applications that work with both 12 and 24 volt systems. The HE-MUWL-WA is a 9.84” windshield lightbar that has 8 LEDs and works with a 12volt system. 


LED Work Light Camera

Lighting up a work area is essential for efficiency and safety on or off the road and being able to record the lit area helps protect drivers and companies against liability issues. Heise’s new HE-WLCAM is a 60-degree flood beam work light with a built-in camera that can record at 700 TVL resolution. Rated IP69, this durable work light camera also features infrared LED lights for night time recording, 1,154 lumens of illumination and a 140-degree field of view. This product is in stock now and shipping.


LED Marker Lights in New Colors

New marker lights in red and blue emergency colors add to Heise’s existing line of vehicle safety lighting along with new hidden strobe marker lights in a 1-inch size. These universal lights are designed for higher voltage applications, working with both 12 and 24 volt systems. With aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens, Heise’s municipality marker lights are durable and built to withstand all weather conditions, year after year. Available in multiple styles and colors:

1” Hidden Strobe LED Marker Lights
Featuring (9) 3-watt LEDs with 10 alternative flash patterns

HE-MUHSR-W: White Strobe

HE-MUHSR-A: Amber Strobe

HE-MUHSR-B: Blue Strobe

HE-MUHSR-R: Red Strobe


3.8” Single Color Marker Lights
Featuring (4) 3-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MUMRK-4B: Blue Marker

HE-MUMRK-4R: Red Marker


4.9” Single Color Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 3-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MUMRK-6B: Blue Marker

HE-MUMRK-6R: Red Marker


4.4” Single Color Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 1.5-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MULTE-6B: Blue Marker

HE-MULTE-6R: Red Marker


4.6” Single Color Light Head
Featuring (4) 3-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MULH-4B: Blue Marker

HE-MULH-4R: Red Marker


4.1” Single Color Grille Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 1-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MUGRL-6B: Blue Grille Marker

HE-MUGRL-6R: Red Grille Marker


4.9” Bi-Color Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 1-watt LEDs with 19 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MUMRK-6BA: ½ Blue ½ Amber Markers

HE-MUMRK-6BR: ½ Blue ½ Red Markers


4.4” Bi-Color Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 1-watt LEDs with19 self-controlled patterns with memory
HE-MULTE-6BA: ½ Blue ½ Amber Markers

HE-MULTE-6BR: ½ Blue ½ Red Markers


4.1” Bi-Color Marker Lights
Featuring (6) 1-watt LEDs with 16 self-controlled patterns with memory

HE-MUGRL-6BA: ½ Blue ½ Amber Markers

HE-MUGRL-6B: ½ Blue ½ Red Markers


Installation Light Accessories

Heise’s Municipality Series also includes essential installation accessories, ranging from switch panels to tubing, heat shrink accessories and more, for convenient ordering to complete any project. Heise’s latest additions include new wire loom install tools; the SLT-08 for 0.25” to 0.4375” tubes and the SLT-15 for 0.5” to 0.125” tubes. Heise has also added new heat shrink with solder accessories in blue, red, white and yellow.


Metra Electronics will have the new Heise Municipality products on display at the CES Show in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2020 at booth 5211 in the North Hall. A new catalog for Heise Municipality products will also be available on opening day of the show at HeiseLED.com.

About Metra Electronics®

At Metra, 12volt installation and integration is our passion. We strive to continuously offer the highest quality products to meet the fluctuating technological challenges of the automotive world.  We actively listen to our customers’ requests and invest resources into developing the highest quality dash kit and harness solutions. We make dash kits for more vehicle applications than anyone else in the world. That’s why we’ve been known as “The Installer’s Choice” ® for more than 72 years. Our other brands include: Axxess®, T-SPEC®, The Install Bay®, Heise LED Lighting Systems®, iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems®, Shuriken High Performance Batteries®, Raptor®, Ballistic®, AmmoTenna®, Metra PowerSports®, Saddle Tramp®, Metra Marine® and Daytona Lights™. Metra’s expertise in connectivity solutions is also applied to its division of premium home theater and surveillance products, Metra Home Theater Group®. For ordering information and pricing, visit Metra Electronics online at MetraOnline.com or call 386-257-2956.

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