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Wireless Steering Wheel Controls Universal Add-on

MSRP $242.00 UPC 086429385270

The AXSWC-RF is designed to add steering wheel controls to vehicles that do not have OE steering wheel controls installed.

Comes pre-programmed with your standard commands: volume up, volume down, seek up, seek down and source. In addition you will be able to mount the AXSWC-RF anywhere on the steering wheel and reprogram the buttons, making this a truly custom piece.

  • Designed to be compatible with most major radio brands
  • Auto detects radio being connected, and presets controls
  • Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons
  • Retains settings even after the battery has been disconnected
  • Interface included
  • Compact ergonomic size fits anywhere on your steering wheel
  • Center keypad is fully adjustable
  • Supports radios with Bluetooth® capabilities
  • Two wire hook up behind radio
  • Compact interface for small dash cavities
  • Painted black matte finish

US. PAT. NOS. 8014920 and 8214105

  • Universal