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v10 1/0 AWG Amp Kit - 5200 W with RCA Cable

MSRP $296.00 UPC 086429390410
  • 17’ V10 1/0 AWG full tinned OFC pearl multi-strand power wire
  • 3’ V10 1/0 AWG full tinned OFC black multi-strand ground wire
  • 17’ 18 AWG full tinned OFC blue remote turn-on wire
  • 17’ V10 noise rejecting dual-twist RCA cable with precision machined ends and quad-split tip
  • Compact brass ANL fuse holder with 250A fuse
  • Nickel plated 1/0 AWG seamed crimp ring terminal with 8.5mm hole and silver boot connected at battery end and grey boot connected at ground
  • 1/0 AWG spade terminals with silver and black boots for amp connection
  • Miscellaneous connectors, terminals and wire ties
None at this time