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USA MSRP:  $24.33 USD

Stock No. 40-VL20

Volvo Vehicle Antenna Adapter Cable 1999-2009


If you are replacing the factory antenna in your vehicle, this antenna cable adapter ensures that you can continue to use your original factory radio. It is a simple yet necessary cable that adapts the aftermarket antenna cable to plug into the vehicle’s factory radio with a female Motorola™ connector on one end and a male Volvo-style antenna connector on the other.

  • Antenna adapter cable
  • Used to adapt the vehicle’s original factory radio to use with an aftermarket antenna
  • Female Motorola™ connector on one end
  • Male Volvo-style antenna connector on the other end
  • Enter your vehicle model to see if this is compatible with your vehicle


  • S80 1999-2006
  • S60 2001-2009
  • S40 2004-2004.5 +
  • S40 2000-2003
  • V70 2001-2007
  • V70 Cross Country 2001-2002
  • V70 XC 2001-2002
  • V40 2001-2004
  • XC70 2003-2007 ?

+ Base, LSE Limited
? Also known as Cross Country

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