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Power + Ground Wire 8 Gauge Side-by-side Wire

MSRP $448.00 UPC 086429417056

Red Yellow 8 AWG Tinned Wire 100ft Spool
Marine Wire from Metra Marine® is designed specifically for boating applications using marine standards and marine color coding. This wire is constructed from fully tinned copper to ensure a reliable connection that can withstand a harsh marine environment and salty air. It offers a sturdy wiring option for boating enthusiasts that will stand up to corrosion.


  • Red and yellow side-by-side (power/ground)
  • Jackets of the power and ground wires are bonded together to make running the cable simpler and faster
  • 8 AWG fully tinned OFC multi-strand power wire
  • High strand count for maximum flexibility
  • BC-5W2 marine compliant
  • 100ft spool
  • 1 year limited warranty
None at this time
  • Universal